Do you have a tutorial, free pattern, article, etc. that you would like to share on my blog?

I am always interested in hosting guest posts here at Disorderly Stitches!

What are the benefits of a guest post?

Increased views for your shop or blog! My blog views are increasing daily and are currently averaging 280-330 views per day. DS readers are always looking for new craft shops and blogs and any links in my posts always get tons of clicks! In the past month I’ve had 700 unique clicks on links to shops and blogs in my posts! Many of these can lead to sales and favorites in your shops and subscribers to your blog.


  • If you have a blog, make sure you have 15 quality posts. For a shop (Etsy or not) please have at lease 25 sales.
  • Your post does not have to be about cross stitch specifically, but it should be a craft that revolves around similar themes that you see here (snarky, cute, pop culture, funny, etc.)
  • Possible post ideas, starting with what I would most like to have: tutorials, free patterns, book/pattern/shop reviews, lists, or a shop/blog tribute (yours or another). These are only ideas so you are not limited to this list if you think of something else

If you meet the guidelines, please email me at leslie(at)disorderlystitches(dot)com

In your email include a link to your shop, blog, etc. as well as your idea for a guest post.


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